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Slovakian Chapter of the European Register of Toxicologists (ERT)

The European Registration of Toxicologists is a service of EUROTOX for toxicology and for individual toxicologists who attain appropriate standards of education, skills, experience, and professional standing.


These toxicologists, upon application, can be certified as EUROPEAN REGISTERED TOXICOLOGIST (ERT). In a first step, national registration boards evaluate applications of candidates and admit successful applicants to their national register. In the second step, upon request from the recognized national registers, EUROTOX will certify these individuals as ERT.

Slovak Toxicology Society has established its national register in 2020. It is open to experienced scientists engaged in the field of toxicology in Slovakia and Czech Republic, members of SETOX, or to applicants from countries with national societies affiliated to EUROTOX.


Applications from other countries may also be considered,  provided that there is an educational, training or professional relationship with EUROTOX. Inclusion in the Slovak Register of Toxicologists will apply for a period of 5 years after which re-registration is required.

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